Core Technology

Eeasy Tech has accumulated a wide range of proprietary IPs following a scenario-oriented optimization strategy of IP design. Eeasy Tech can provide AI SoC, NPU tool chain, and user-friendly SDK to accelerate your time-to-market.

Proven Software Development Capability


Linux & RTOS Software System

Full support for BSP system

Customized and efficient RTOS


Software Tool System

Comprehensive development tools

Automated testing software

Firmware upgrade tool    


Mass Production Boot Software System

Complete mass production boot system

Fully modular design

High compatibility Fast boot time

Algorithm Development Capability

The self-adapted NPU compiler developed by Eeasy Tech can realize quantization, offline deployment, and online deployment. Eeasy Tech’s NPU can adapt to different development needs and support fast algorithm migration. Eeasy Tech’s NPU supports RTOS, Linux, and Android operating systems and popular deep learning frameworks (Caffe, Tensorflow, Pytorch, and so on).

Eeasy Tech Algorithm Ecology