SV Series

The SV series chips are the smart vision on-device AI SoC series independently developed by Eeasy Tech. With powerful AI computing capabilities, they can meet requirements for different pixel levels and video recording and processing and are suitable for smart security markets. The SV series chips integrate self-developed NPU and support excellent ISP processing capabilities, high-quality WDR and de-noising technologies, and a rich algorithm ecosystem. These features empower the upgrade of the smart security markets.


The SV810 AI SoC integrates a self-developed NPU with up to 1.2 TOPS AI computing power, which can be applied to face recognition entrance and exit gates, community access control, office attendance and other scenarios. It can be efficiently adapted to face recognition and anti-spoofing detection algorithms, preventing spoofing attacks via photo or video and supporting a face library of up to 100,000 face IDs. Besides, the SV810 integrates the self-developed high-performance ISP, which can provide high-definition video image quality in low-light environments by using the wide dynamic range and low-light ISP design.

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The SV806 AI SoC integrates the self-developed NPU with up to 0.6 TOPS AI computing power. It is a turnkey on-device AI SoC suitable for face recognition terminals, which can realize non-contact recognition. Besides, it provides an overall solution that is easy to develop, deliver, and implement. The SV806 has responded quickly to the needs of COVID-19 pandemic prevention since 2020 and has been widely applied to intelligent access control devices to achieve non-contact temperature measurement, ID verification, and attendance recording. The SV806 enables Al technology to help people resume work and school in an epidemic.

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